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Site Overview
Dear Swiss Oaks Owners,
Your HOA board is pleased to announce the launch of your HOA website and hope you are as pleased with the final result as we are. With the Website as a tool, it will be easier to communicate information as it becomes available. Please check the site weekly for any new information. New information and announcements will be posted on the website home page and include any links necessary to additional information. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for improvements.
This is a quick overview of the site and it’s intended usage:
About Swiss Oaks:  A welcome letter the gives a brief history to the community and states the purpose of the website.
Contact Us: This is a fill-in e-mail form by which owners may contact the association and property manager through the website.
Area Information: A quick reference to local restaurants, hotels, rental shops, recreational areas, annual events  and community websites found in the Heber Valley and along the Wasatch back you may wish to frequent during your visits.
Public Documents: A public page for the association to post association information and documents (i.e CC&R's) for anyone to see. A helpful page for local real estate agents, title companies, appraisers and insurance providers for owners to reference.  
Property Manager: A quick overview of who the community and associations property management company. Property management contact, contact information and emergency numbers.
Owner Directory: ​A directory of resident who live in Swiss Oaks. This is an important section to keep updated. In order to access the site you must register. In order for the HOA board to utilize the email and mailing capabilities of this site for contacting members it is important for each owner and HOA member to maintain an up to date profile. Should you change your email or any other contact info please make sure you update your profile. This is important even for those who don’t want contact from other owners. You have full control over IF you want your profile visible and WHAT info you want visible to other owners. This is also a password protected directory that will be available (should you choose to make it so) only to other owners.
HOA Documents: This page will house all of the necessary documents (i.e CC&R's, Proxy Forms), contracts, reserve study report and other items owners would like to reference or need access from time to time. All items that are posted will be approved by the HOA Management Committee before being added.
Meetings & Minutes:  Agendas for board and annual meetings, minutes to monthly board meetings and annual meetings will be posted here. Owners will be able to review this items as they are posted regularly. 
BudgetsThe annual budget for the association, which is voted on and approved by those owners who show up at the annual meeting and make up the quorum of owners will be posted here. Regular monthly updates of the budget will also be posted so owners may have an on going reference to the financial status of the association. For a detailed breakdown of the check register owners may obtain this from the HOA Treasurer or by requesting the Treasurer have the property manager provide them with a copy. 
Maintenance Information: This page of the website will give a list of items that management is working on. The list will be updated regularly so owners may see what items have been notice by the property manager and maintenance crew. A calendar of regular scheduled maintenance items are also located here along with the preventative and long-term maintenance items. Additional items such as paint colors, stucco colors and other informative maintenance items may also be posted on this page.
Rules & Fines: A quick reference to the governing rules, regulations and fines that the association has adopted for the community and its owners with appropriate reference to community Covenants, Conditions and Regulations or Bylaws that are applicable for each guideline. 
Insurance Information: Information regarding the associations insurance provider and also what individual insurance each property should have. Contact information to the associations insurance provider is given. 
Rental Information: Owners who plan on renting should reference these guidelines that are established by the association. The property manager does not deal with owners renters but directly with the owners. Renters are required to abide by the same rules and regulations as if they were owners while living in the Swiss Oaks community.  
Direct TV: Contact information for owners to request additional television boxes and additional services from the associations DirectTV provider. A channel line up is available from this page as well.
Maps: A map source powered by Google Maps along with a quick reference for driving instructions to help owners and owners guests get to Swiss Oaks. A community map with building "letters" and addresses is also available through this page. 
Message Board: We are posting this message board section as a forum for positive discussion among homeowners. We ask that if you have complaints that they be addressed to board members or to the property management directly rather than posting complaints on the site. Whether or not our expectations are being fulfilled will be dependent on what those personal expectations are. Let’s keep our discussions on line directed toward the success of the community and how each of us can be a part of that success. If this section becomes a gallery of complaints and negative thought it will be removed from the site. Please use this message board to request help, sell items within the community, get to know your neighbors and have general discussions about what is happening within Swiss Oaks.
Job Request: This is a fill-in e-mail form by which owners may contact the property manager through the website for maintenance requests that involve items around their home or in the community. After owners submit a request, owners should notice their items on the maintenance item list found on the "Maintenance Information" page within 7 to 10 days.
Reservations: This is a fill-in e-mail form through the website, which owners may request to have the clubhouse reserved in their name for a specific date and time.
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