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The following information is being provided to homeowners who plan on using their Schneitter's Swiss Oaks Condominium as a rental property. Please be aware that the associations policy is to deal with the owner(s) of the property and NOT the owner(s) tenant. If a situation occurs where the association must get involved with an owner(s) tenant; the association will notify, communicate and fine the owner(s) of the property and not the owner(s) tenant. It is the responsibility of the owner(s) to notify and update their tenant(s) of all information, rules, regulations, conditions, benefits and fines that pertain to living at Schneitter's Swiss Oaks.
At the March 5, 2019 Swiss Oaks Monthly Board meeting the Board voted to establish a $250 fee for new renter orientation. It is the policy of Swiss Oaks that owners who rent their properties must inform Swiss Oaks when new tenants are moving in. This has not been happening. Consequently, renters are not aware of the rules and regulations of the HOA, additionally the management company has no contact information for the tenants.  The number of rental properties has increased, and the management company is spending more hours with issues pertaining to renters. The Board felt this is a monetary burden which should not be absorbed by all home owners.  This is the responsibility of the Landlords.

In addition, the Board established a fine of $500 for any owner who rents their property without informing the management company prior to the tenant's move in date.  The management company must receive the names, contact phone numbers and emails for all adult tenants that will occupy the unit. This allows the management company to hold an orientation meeting (HOA policies/procedures) and insures the tenants questions can be addressed prior to moving in.

Second Amendment, Section 6.02 Leasing Restricted. No Owner shall lease less than his or her entire Unit. If an Owner leases such Owner's Unit then: (a) the Owner shall promptly notify the Association thereof in writing, (b) the Owner shall provide to the Association the name of the tenant under such lease and the address of the Owner, (c) the lease shall include or be deemed to include a covenant on the part of the tenant substantially as follows: "Tenant agrees with the Landlord and with and for the benefit of the Association that during the term of this lease, Tenant and Tenant's family and guests from time to time will use and occupy the premises and all parts of the Project in strict compliance with the Condominium Act, the Declaration, the Bylaws of the Association, and all rules and regulations from time to time adopted by the Association as fully as if Tenant were an Owner," (d) each Owner shall be responsible for compliance by Tenants with the Condominium Act, the Declaration, the Bylaws of the Association, and all rules and regulations. Should an Owner fail to obtain tenant compliance after notice of noncompliance, the Association shall the right, in addition to all remedies at law, to evict the noncomplying Tenant, and (e) all leases shall be in writing and shall be for a term not less than thirty (30) days and shall be subject to the prior approval of the Association or any agent designated and approved by the Association for the express purpose of leasing Units ot the public. Prior approval for such leases shall not be unreasonably withheld. As used in this section, the term "lease" shall include a lease, rental arrangement, license, or other arrangement for third-party use of a Unit.
Tenant Acknowledgement - Owners must notify the association of who the tenants are that are occupying their property. Owners are asked to have their tenants sign the TENANT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM and return it to the office. The property manager will also ask any tenants to sign this form before access to the clubhouse will be provided.
Non-Smoking Bylaws - 2011 Adopted Bylaws by the HOA Management Committee / Board Members voting to make Schnietter's Swiss Oaks a Non-Smoking Community.
Pets - The Association also would recommend that property owner strongly consider banning tenants from having pets that would regularly be in the Common or Limited Common space of the Association and could require additional clean-up or management of a tenants pet.
Internet - The High-Speed Internet in your home is provided by the HOA and the modems are the property of the HOA. If your tenant removes or takes the modem with them at the time they leave your home, you will be billed ($150) for the replacement of this equipment. 
Clubhouse Use - Tenants are allowed to use the clubhouse as if they were the owner themselves using the amenities. Clubhouse security codes and/or keys will only be given to owners and not directly to the tenant unless prior arrangement have been made with the property owner and the Associations property manager. If clubhouse keys are lost and/or stolen, it is the responsibility of the property owner to collect the replacement fees that would be charged to the owners account from the Association.
Parking - All tenants must abide by the same rules and regulations that govern parking of vehicles, trailers, RV's, ATV's or any other item within the Common area at Swiss Oaks. There is limited parking within Swiss Oaks and Tenants that have multiple cars must be aware that the Association can not accommodate parking for all of their vehicles or other items. Vehicles and other items may only be parked in the designated parking areas within the community. Items that are improperly parked will be notified or towed at the owners expense. Vehicles or other items must be removed from exterior designated parking areas after a snow storm to allow snow plows and other winter vehicles and equipment to remove the snow.
Short Term Rentals - No owner may rent their property for less than 30 days, a $500 fine per occurrence could be charged to owner(s)
Structural Changes - Under Section 7.05 no changes may be made to the exterior or common area of the building or community without prior written approval from the HOA board. This includes INTERNET & TELEVISIONS DISHES. A 30 day notice and/or fine will be charged to the property owners account for any violation of this policy.

Individuals, phone calls and e-mails come into the management office on a regular basis. If you are renting or are looking for a renter please inform the HOA property management office located within the clubhouse  that your property is in rental or on the market to be rented. Having your information available at the clubhouse is a good way for the Association to help direct tenants to owners who are renting. Please leave a description of the property and your contact information with the office so they know what information to pass along to anyone who may be inquiring about properties.
If you have any additional questions or concern regarding using your Swiss Oaks property as a rental property, please contact the property management company, an HOA Board member or attend one of the regularly scheduled HOA Board meetings.
CLICK HERE, to send an e-mail to the property management office.